Wrote about Be Ky, Her Mom.

"When I look at my mom's paintings, I know she loves us very much! She draws a curve line as her eye looking up, and two black dots are like our eyes looking back at her. It's just that simple, but that simplicity signifies her indescribable love!" My mom is a small-sized simple woman, but carries within herself a beauty of a true Vietnamese lady - honest, gentle, kind, and full of compassion. I am happy and proud to be her youngest daughter in the family of four children. I feel lucky to have a compassionate and talented mother.

My family - my parents and my other three siblings - are all artists, but me. I chose to be in another profession - Pharmacy. Unlike my three siblings, I feel I have no talents when it comes to arts and drawings - an "unexpected exception of the family"! However, my name - Hai Duong - stands a major part of my mom's biography because Hai Duong is small city where my mom was born. Furthermore, I feel God has been fair to let me follow one of my mom's footsteps - cooking. Just like her, I am a good cook.

In cooking, to get a good meal, she use different spices to enhance the taste. But, in drawing - only a brush and Chinese black ink are enough to make her fall into euphoric state to create amazing results, regardless day or night.

Together with my family to complete this book, I emotionally feel for her sacrifice, hard work with unstoppable creativity throughout half of a century of holding brush. No words that can help me describe the happiness when knowing that I am a part of her - the talents and compassion of a genuine Vietnamese mother that she possesses to the fullest meaning.


Mother and son


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