BEKY, Cherishing THE LOST JOY Written by Thuy Khe. Translated by Kim Ha.

Literature and painting arts originated from linear designs. Chinese characters also come from these lines.

People want to draw the images of the universe and human being through their languages. Therefore, we can say that linear designs are the source of literature and painting arts.

The artists start from the design in order to make different colors. But Be Ky stopped at the design. It seems as if she found her Holy Land and decided to remain in the heaven's origin. She does not want to grow beyond it. It can be said that Be Ky (Be means little; Ky means sketch), in her chosen name and title, already chose a meaning for her art and life. She chose to reflect her childhood poverty, her youthful innocence throughout her art and her life. For these reasons, Be Ky is a youthful and unique phenomenon in Vietnamese art.

If you know the meaning of linear design, you will understand that the choice is not an easy one, for a simple way is always the difficult one. Writing a simple text would be difficult, and the simplest painting may be the most complicated task.

Be Ky's art is merely drawing lines. Chinese ink was used to express the artist's feeling. In this style, whenever she draws, the picture has to be perfect, complete, and correct. Before drawing, the artist has to create a complete picture in mind. When her pen stroke starts, it is the time to complete the picture or painting. This is an extraordinary regulation. In art, before drawing, the artist probably does not know what has to be drawn. But the design and colors lead the way. The same applies in literature, the thought precedes the writing. Be Ky, on the contrary, finishes the picture prior to the drawing. Then the pen is used to complete the work.

The uniqueness of this art also can be called spontaneous inspiration, intuition, or enlightenment. Her intuition figures, the artist sees the light and recognizes it to complete the artwork. That light is the raw material, the sketch's source of origin. In Be Ky's art world, all characters, movable or immovable objects, illuminate through Enlightenment, have innocent and spontaneous sketches. From the picture of a buffalo, a child, a horse carriage, to a woman's skirt or shawl, hairstyle ... Her objects express the art of pure, sincere, real, sweet and simple as if nothing, even color paints, is able to contaminate or destroy them.


Taking a bath

Be Ky in art as well as Nguyen Binh in poetry, are afraid of growing up. Both have created their own country style universe. The simple lives in Nguyen Binh's poem, comparable to the simple characters and objects in Be Ky's art, is in harmony, both mingle with one another, in the countryside, in the simple, poor, vivid, happy atmosphere of the country life.

The spectator will find a peaceful joy in her painting art, together with the boundless missing and immense melancholy for the lost childhood of precious memories. Be Ky's art expresses the lost joy that we crush over it without any awareness or regret.

Be Ky's paintings are favorite collections for most Vietnamese. However, how many of us found out about his or her lost through each of her work? We human being, sell our youth to buy our old age. We also destroy the peaceful nature by exchanging our rural style for the urban one. Therefore, we left our living joy to reach the dying sadness.

It is a blessing that there still is an artist who reserves some of our wonderful and precious memories for us.


Two girls walking


Going to school


Handling fruit